One year on


Christ, I haven’t written on here for over a year! There is a reason for this though. I’ve been travelling, seen amazing parts of the world and helped build toilets for orphans.

Yeah as if.

For the last 365 days I haven’t actually done anything life-changing like some people do…although good for them! So they should! Go you! However, despite not experiencing anything life-changing my life has changed! I’m now at university, I’m in the process of moving out of my family home and I raised two gorgeous lambs*, but that’s another story.

One of my best friends, Sam Rogers (check her out, she’s a talented musician don’t ya know) sent me a text expressing her hatred for the notorious “chewing-gum chompers”. Yes, those who unknowingly (but probably knowingly) have to make as much noise as possible when chewing gum because hey!,what’s more attractive and socially acceptable than chomping on a white piece of rubber with your mouth wide open allowing me to watch it go round and round like a lonely sock in a washing machine…mixing with all that saliva. I could sense the frustration in this text message but what really added to Sam’s hatred was the fact that she was on the tube. The tube – an already cramped and over-crowded machine where personal space is non-existent. I would presume that Sam’s experience of ‘chewing-gum-chomper-woman’ would be on a par, if not slightly more irritating, with my experience of a mother giving her child some Roast Beef Monster munch on a hot, sweaty train to Birmingham at peak-time. Normally Roast Beef reminds me of a lovely sunday lunch…but mixed with E-numbers, B.O and suited men with copious amounts of Armani cologne just puts you in quite a mood.


I hope to get back into writing on here. It’s alot of fun! Now, Oscar Pistorious (spelling?) has been cleared of his charges regarding killing his girlfriend. Sur-bloody-prise.


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