First rant of June…


This guy is Steve Brookstein. He won one of the early X-Factor competitions. Strangely he seems to have fallen off the face of the earth since his big win. How passionate he must’ve been. His triumphant success has obviously changed his life.

No blogs for awhile! I’ve been a busy little bee, pollinating the important flowers of my life…or something like that.

WELL. I’m currently watching “The Voice” on BBC1 and I’m finding my frustration levels grow more and more. Why I hear you ask? I’ll elaborate. Most of these contestants seem to be saying the same thing when their little “woe-st me, I’ve had such a hard life” VT plays out before their performance. The reoccurring theme of their heart-wrenching speeches, sorry I mean their load of codswollop, is that the amount passion and desire they have for singing should be enough to verify them wanting to win the competition.

Now, hold the phone. Since when does one’s amount of passion and desire mean that their dreams will come true?! Umm, never? This is so ridiculous it actually hurts my vital organs. If you say “winning this competition could change my life. I’ve always wanted this since I can remember. I want to win so badly,” how on earth does this justify you winning?! Your dreams will not necessarily come true just because you ooze copious amounts of passion for them. I wanted a pink pony but no matter how much I desired to have my pink pony, he never appeared (one day people, one day!).

I don’t care if winning this competition will change your life. I don’t care if you’ve had an amazing time and feel the luckiest person in the world. I don’t care if you want this so badly you’d kill your Nan’s budgie. YOUR PASSION DOES NOT MEAN YOU WILL (or should) WIN.

“I’m a shy person, but when I sing I feel so confident. I grew up with a troubled background blah blah blah blah blah”. I can asure you that a million people are in the same boat, if not a much worse situation than you my friend. GO AWAY you bafoon. By all means, continue having your passion and desire to live your dream but life is not a competition. It’s not about having the best life and living the dream so to speak; it’s about eventually accepting the notion of living an average life which is perfectly fine, rather than constantly striving to “live the dream”.


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