My Face

memorabilia show 028

My superhero alter-ego. Masculine body I admit, but the face is spot on!

Morning everyone. This morning the sun was shining, the birds were singing and even the traffic jam emissions that filled the streets of Worcester smelt sweet. Considering the loveliness of this day my walk to the train station should have been enjoyable, should it not? Well I assumed, as any normal person would, that this would be the case. How naive of me. As I skipped merrily to the station (didn’t really skip, that would be weird although it would have the journey a lot more fun) a member of the public who was walking in the opposite direction said “cheer up!” followed by a dismissive snort.

My annoyance at this quite frankly rude and flippant comment would usually pass me by on such a glorious day, however I had had a conversation a few days previously regarding my “normal” facial expression being perceived as rather miserable.

This morning’s occurrence  has not been the first time that someone has passed judgement on my face when I am lacking and expression; a expression-lull if you may. I’m not sure if I’m more annoyed at the ignorance of the nosy parker, for all he knew I could’ve been having a bad day! My hamster may have suffocated in his rollerball hence my miserable expression. Or if I’m more peeved at the fact that my natural face is really unfriendly and oozes sadness, consequently forcing random citizens to feel the need to comment!

In my defense I can’t help my face. Nor do I find it personally acceptable to walk around grinning like a Cheshire cat everywhere I go. It’d be unnerving for all concerned and just unnecessary really. Because of this, I am now irritated and thusly my face really is in a state of misery for the time being. So there, I will not cheer up pedestrian man! You, my friend, should mind your own business. If someone really was having a terrible day you might have made it a million times worse by feeling thinking it a necessity to make said person aware of how their face looks.

In conclusion, I’m not always unhappy, (ESPECIALLY NOT THIS MORNING BUT THAT’S BEEN RUINED HASN’T IT?), my expressionless-ness is perfectly acceptable to me and your silly little opinion was not needed nor was it necessary! Thank you to you!


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