The Second Irritation


Josie Cunningham. Obviously boosting her confidence, not her cleavage.

Another apparently news worthy story this week is of a young girl having a breast enlargement on the NHS for what seems to be for no apparent reason *cough* vanity *cough*. Again I have no researched this story and I am purely judging my views on the ever-so-accurate media. So yes, another uninformed rant from I.

The young lady was on DayBreak yesterday morning justifying her story. Apparently, she had been flat-chested since the age of 14, which she said was medically a problem for her and her life was being inconvenienced by her situation. Therefore she had her breasts enlarged (I assume she is in her early twenties) to a rather impressive DD cup size. Now, considering she had no chest to begin with, leaping to a DD seems somewhat unnatural. One would assume she had a choice of cup size and chose DD’s for superficial reasons? If the procedure had been paid for by herself, for cosmetic purpose, I could understand her free personal choice of the chosen size. This is not the case. Surely a more natural size, like a B or a C cup, would be a more suitable choice made by the surgeon.

The girl appeared to be quite humble about her situation yet surprised by the public and media backlash. Her story also revealed that she wished to be a glamour model and Katie Price was her idol. When asked if she aspired to look like Katie, she replied that she wanted to be like her as she could provide for her children and was a good mother; her breast operation has been nothing to do with Katie Price’s image. Hmmm.

Personally, unless you are suffering with depressin or you are being physically prohibited by having a flat-chest, which I assume is not the case here, I don’t agree with this decision. I especially disagree with the size of this girl’s implants if nothing else! I believe that the NHS should offer breast surgery (to enlarge and reduce) to women who have suffered from illnesses such as cancer or the like or have debilitating medical issues as a result from there breasts.  Wanting a breast enhancement (or even reduction) for purely cosmetic and superficial reasons should be personally funded by the person wanting the procedure!

Even though the girl is partly at fault, I also have to question the motives of the NHS. Why would they allow this to happen if the reasons seem so unjustifiable. The implants will only last for ten years, meaning that in her early thirties the girl will have to go through the whole debacle again. From my point of view which may seem quite narrowminded, this whole scenario could have been so different and perhaps even avoided. Considering the current state of the NHS this just adds fuel to the big boob’d fire!

Thank you to you good person! Aaah its good to get things off your *pun* chest! HA


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