Irritating Things from this week



1. The banning of triangular flapjacks.

2. NHS pays for boob-job.

So this is probably considered old news now, however every time I think of this story my anger kills a small mythical woodland creature. Criminal.

From what I gather a child at a school in Canvey Island has thrown a triangular shaped flapjack at a fellow student. The consequence of this was that all flapjacks at the school must only be square or rectangular in shape as the triangular corners of said flapjack are “dangerous”

I have not fully researched this story and I don’t know the ins-and-outs but a few things immediately spring to mind. Firstly, why on earth would a food item, specifically a triangular shaped one, be considered dangerous? Choking hazards, the potential to cause third degree burns – food may cause these inconvenient happenings…but an oaty snack? Who’d have thought.

Secondly, was the child who threw the flapjack punished? Food fights were never acceptable when I was at school and we would have been in trouble with at least one the menacing dinnerladies. Technically that child should be the one considered dangerous. Maybe he/she has underlying anger issues or perhaps a troubled past?

Thirdly, in what circumstances was the flapjack thrown? An act of jollity between two friends gone horribly wrong, or a feud between two enemies that has clearly reached a new level of rage and passion? Maybe the victim deserved it. The situation is not clear and unspecified. I must admit though, kudos to anyone who could turn an innocent, baked snack into a lethal weapon which has become news worthy.

Squares and rectangles have more corners. Throw it at an angle with a certain degree of spin, surely a more violent shape with much more impact?

How was the flapjack baked? Usually, a flapjack is quite soft with an element of crumbly-ness…if over-baked and burnt the end result would be considerably more solid and the oats more compact. The manufacturer (if pre-packed) or the school cook would ultimately be at fault.

There are tonnes of things that I would have to take into consideration to even begin to fathom what really happened on that fateful day. My overall feelings are as follows: Health and Safety is just too ridiculous. Bubblewrapping children will not work. Accidents happen…if this was even an accident. Clearly the argument could not be settles through discussion so force and violence were ensued. The other kid probably deserved it anyway! If they cant’ dodge a triangular snack-attack, maybe PE lessons should be revised and self-defence classes to become mandatory.

Despite my annoyance over this scenario, it did make me smile and laugh in disbelief. But I hope my views will not offend anyone, it’s only my naive interpretation of the situation.

Good on you though my triangular-throwing-flapjack friend! Defy the system and throw a square one too! Before I leave you to ponder this story for yourselves, the velocity and speed of which the item was thrown at must have been rather forceful as I have just been informed that the victim child had to be sent to hospital for enduring a “sore eye”. Which will lead me nicely on to my next irritation this week…the NHS…


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Currently finding my feet in the crazy world of adulthood, I'm just "going with the flow" of life. I hope to blog about the little things that make me smile, make me cringe and things that I generally have an opinion on!

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  1. 😛 I kind of agree! Its a crumby cereal bar and it caused all this havoc? I will blame the school authorities who didnt give the rules, enough thought 😀 Or maybe, there is this another reasoning – The management might have thought that the incident might lead to more students bringing flapjacks and tossing it everywhere 😀 But still yeah, its wrong!

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