Monthly Archives: February 2013

Life Below Stairs…


…True Lives of Edwardian Servants

What a book! Half way through this insightful read the real staff of Downton Abbey. I sometimes wish life was still like how this lovely book describes. 

With explanations from wages to cleaning rituals and bizarre recipes for shampoo, I’m really pleased I’m reading this book. I recommend! 



The first one..


My first blog entry. What a long day, and it’s only 4pm! Experienced Worcester Job Centre for the first time today and it was an experience I’ll never quite forget. I don’t mean to sound snobbish but since when has the stench of stale smoke ever been acceptable? To be brief, the whole debacle was rather pointless; no one could help me.

However! I have two interviews lined up for next week. Typical, just like buses! 

Note: Muffin Break do the nicest Cappuccino’s.

New Company mag purchased. 

A good but long day. Hopefully my blogging experiences will be abit more interesting soon.